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Outfits worn in Amritsar

Outfits worn in Amritsar
December 21, 2021

• Salwar Kamiz
Salwars are trousers with an unusually broad waist that narrows down to a cuffed bottom. They have pleats around the waist as they are kept up by a drawstring or elastic belt. The trousers might be cut relatively narrowly on the bias or large and roomy. In many parts of the world, including Eastern Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, and South Asia, salwars have a long history of wearing. A long shirt or tunic is known as kameez. Below the waistline, the side seams are left unfinished, giving the wearer more flexibility. Older kameez have traditional cuts; newer kameez are more likely to have set-in sleeves with European influences. The kameez is typically straight and flat cut.

• Kurta Pajama
A loose, collarless shirt or tunic known as a “kurta” is currently popular throughout the world and is worn in many parts of South Asia. The kurta has evolved stylistically over the centuries, notably in South Asia, and has become a garment for both everyday use and ceremonial events. Its origins can be traced to Central Asian nomadic tunics, or upper body clothes, from the late-ancient or early-medieval era. It goes great with simple cotton pants called a “pajama”. This is most prominently worn by men in the southern parts of Asia.

The term “phulkari” refers to Punjabi traditional needlework. Phulkari, which translates to “floral work,” refers to both floral themes and geometrical shapes in addition to flowers. The use of a darn stitch with colored silken thread on the back of the coarse cotton fabric is one of the primary characteristics of phulkari embroidery. Through their expert use of the darn stitch, Punjabi women came up with countless beautiful and intriguing motifs and patterns. A textile with only a few flowers sewn on it is said to be a phulkari, according to Kehal. The other categories are unique subtypes. Large pieces of cloth that are traditionally used as phalkaris include Chope, Tilpatr, Neelak, and Bagh. Even now, the Phulkari is still a crucial component of Punjabi weddings.

Suit And Churidar
Elegant and lovely, this traditional dress for Punjab women is exquisite to add a touch of femininity to the personality. A perfectly embroidered Punjabi suit with a churidar will shape the figure amazingly.

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